Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moderate Muslims in America are in Denial

The moderate Muslims in the USA are in complete denial about the hijacking of Islam by the Radicals who use violence and intimidation to coerce those who might otherwise prefer a more liberal revision or interpretation of Sharia Law that encompasses Western ideals. The media does America a huge disservice by continuing to water down the threat of Islam. True Muslim believers clearly want to impose their totalitarian system of politics, finance and religion on the USA. The greatest hypocrisy of the media is the parading of Muslim women on their programs to assert their moderation. The Radicals and Imams barely tolerate their appearance and would like to slit their throats the first chance they get off camera. While they are prudent to abstain from such actions in the USA for now, they would celebrate the offing of these Muslim women on Muslim soil with the blessings of those governments. Of course, the Radicals are looking for the day when they can put these strident Muslim women in their place through stoning, lashings, or beheadings. With the assistance of naive Americans of all faiths, that day is a bit closer.

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