Saturday, October 2, 2010

Should the Queen Convert to Islam?

Tim the Terror wrote: Oct 2nd 2010 6:22 GMT .I speak as an Englishman - now living in Australia - who first heard an MP by name of Enoch Powell back in the '60's warn Britons that if Asian immigration wasn't drastically reduced there would one day be 'blood flowing in the streets of Britain'
Like others I didn't take too much notice and liked it when I heard others say 'what a tolernt society England was'
After a few years I saw third world conditions starting to blight certain sections of northern towns. A while later militant Moslems demonstrating in the streets and the placards went beyond anti-Israeli sentiments to that of an anti-American AND anti-British vein.
Next it was talk of taking over Buckingham Palace, the need for the Queen to conert to Islam and Sharia Law become the order of the day.'Honour' killings became commonplace and finally British blood was spilt on England's streets with train and bus bombings in London.
Enoch Powell was correct in his prophecy.I am seeing the same thing happening in not only the Anglo-sphere of the English speaking world of America,Britain,Canada,Australia and New Zealnd
but in the Euorpean Western Democratic Societies.

Published in the Economist

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